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Grease Trap Cleaning and Liquid Waste Pumping/Hauling


EarthTek's restaurant grease trap cleaning service thoroughly pumps your grease trap, eliminating the odor and safety problems associated with poorly maintained grease traps. 


Any place that washes vehicles, equipment, floors, etc. usually have a sand trap interceptor that catches the sand, grit, mud and oils from these items and areas.We have a fleet of pump trucks ready to service your sand trap.


The lint trap should be cleaned (pumped out) routinely to prevent the escape of large quantities of lint/silt which cause plumbing problems. Typical applicants include hotels, commercial laundromats, dry-cleaners and apartment complexes. 


Additionally, we offer a preventative-maintenance measure for our customers. Our trucks are equipped with high-pressure hoses and special tips which help prevent buildups that lead to blockages.   

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DFW'S Most Trusted Grease Trap Cleaning 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Matt Morris | Manager

"Earthtek has been performing service here for years and the business owner was responsive by cell phone to an issue, even on a late Sunday night. Great service."

Orlando Sandoval| Mangement

"We have had issues in the past with other companies skimming our trap, but these guys always vacuum the entire contents of the trap saving us from expensive headaches due to overflows. Highly recommend!"

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